Trent Jones

If Hawtree worked mainly in Europe, Trent Jones Sr. (American architect), the precursor of the "Target Golf", designed in the US and worldwide. He created the first 9 holes in Bondues in 1967. In 1990, having more members, finances, and ha, the golf has wanted to develop the last 9 holes. As Trent Jones father chose not to trave anymore, it was his son who has completed the course. The assembly forms a rather broad 18 holes, defended by water hazards and bunkers everywhere.

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Fred Hawtree (british architect) realized Bondues after having designed St Nom la Bretèche, one of the first French project that combined a golf course with a real estate project. The Plantations are the work of Russell Page, landscape architect and British too. The course is quite long and narrow, well housed, with large greens well defended by bunkers. The design of the holes is very varied and very much appreciated by the members.

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